Shireen Renée

"Tulip Mania" Upcycled Dutch Camo Jacket


To understand this jacket, we’ll need a quick history lesson first. In 17th-century Netherlands, wealthy Dutch society started to have a thing for tulips. The tulips that were striped or speckled (caused by a virus) were rare, so their value skyrocketed, and Tulip Mania was born. People were buying tulips that cost as much as a nice house, and some were worth more than an entire year’s salary of a skilled artisan. After a few years, the tulip bubble burst. Prices fell drastically, and the tulip trade came to a grinding halt. So with that explanation in mind, look at the jacket art again, but this time think digital currency and market fluctuations. Can you think of any modern-day "Tulip Manias?"

Size: Large

Fit Intent: Oversized/unisex

Fabric: 65% cotton/ 35% Polyester

Origin: Dutch origin, hand-painted in Los Angeles, CA

Care Instructions: Hand or machine wash cold, inside out with like colors. Tumble dry low and remove promptly or hang to dry. Cool iron if needed, or use a steamer (preferred). Do not iron on any artwork or embellishments. Do not bleach.

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