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Although I’m a veteran of the fashion industry, I’m still a bit of a novice in the art world. I’ve been making art my whole life, but it hasn’t really been until the last 5 years or so that I’ve made it more of a priority in my life. Up until recently, I had only entered one art competition back in late 2020. My oil painting “Valley of the Queens” had been chosen for inclusion in the Fusion Art 3rd Annual Women Artists competition.

Since then, I have accomplished quite a bit, creating dozens more works of art and really homing in on my craft as an oil painter as well as exploring new mixed media techniques. I decided it was time to start putting my art out into the world again by entering as many competitions as I could. The responses I’ve gotten has been pretty amazing, and it’s exciting to have my art selected among so many talented artists from around the world. Here are some of the awards and invitations I’ve received since April of this year and hope to add many more. Stay tuned!

San Fernando Cultural Arts Center “Call of the Wild” Exhibition:

“True Colors” and “Event Horizon”

Artistonish Magazine 35th Issue:

“The Game”

Artistonish Magazine 36th Issue:


Kingdom Animalia 2nd Annual Exhibition:

“One Eye Open”

Marin Society of Artists “All About Women” Exhibition:

“The Crown”

Gallerium “Unreal” Publication and Exhibition:

“Event Horizon”

Newhall Community Center “Video Games” Exhibition:

“Charlie Foxtrot” and “The Game”

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